Capture of Sambalpur

The occupation of Baramula Pass on 2 November, 1803 by Major Forbes prompted Harcourt to write conciliatory letters to the Rajas of Baud. Sonepur and Sambalpur tom acknowledge the authority of the British which they cordially reciprocated by paying annual tributes. However, Sambalpur remained an exception to it. In January, 1804, Major Broughton,conquered Sambalpur defeating… Continue reading Capture of Sambalpur

Capture of Baleswar

In the meanwhile, the strategy of Captain Morgan at Balasore met with success in driving away the Marathas. A detachment under his command in seven vessels, namely, Alexander, Anne, George, Fairdie, Lizard, Scourage and a gun boat reached Balaramgarhi after crossing river Budhabalanga. Balaramgarhi was a small Maratha port. Without any resistance, the Marathasallowed the… Continue reading Capture of Baleswar

Capture of Cuttack

The occupation of Puri encouraged the British to process further. They made elaborate plan to occupy Cuttack. Making necessary arrangement to check the possible advancement of the Maratha army from Nagpur, Harcourt planned about his march to Cuttack. He posted Lieutenant Ogilvie and Major Fletcher at Manikpatna and Puri respectively to deal with the Maratha… Continue reading Capture of Cuttack

Capture of Puri

To occupy Puri they adopted the following steps: Diplomacy of Wellesley on Lord Jagannatha Lord Wellesley wanted to capture Puri and Cuttack by sheer display of his diplomacy. Letters were dispatched to the feudatories of Odisha, conveying them that it was the desire of Lord Jagannath to oust the Marathas from the land by the… Continue reading Capture of Puri

Capture of Ganjam

With the grant of Dewani in 1765, Lord Clive obtained from Emperor Shah Alam the Northern Circars consisting of Chicacole, Rajahmudry, Ellore and Guntur as free gift in which the present undivided Ganjam district was included. The British East India Company also got Midnapur which was a part of Odisha. Thus, the British authorities acquired… Continue reading Capture of Ganjam

Causes for the British Conquest of Odisha

The causes responsible for the British occupation of Odisha were as follows: Weakness of the Maratha rulers The internal conflict among the Bhonsles of Nagpur after the death of Januji created weakness among the Marathas which had an impact on the Maratha rulers of Odisha. As the decline had started among the Marathas, their powers… Continue reading Causes for the British Conquest of Odisha