Ancient Coins of Odisha (6th Century B.C. – 6th Century A.D.)

The history of Greek settlement in the north-western part of India before Alexander's invasion is only known from coins. Even the history of Satavahanas, about whom the different version of the Puranas give different genealogical and chronological list of kings are known from coins alone.

Tribal Origin of the Cult of the Jagannath

According to another legend, Savari Narayana was originally worshipped at Seori Narayana in Madhya Pradesh. The King of Puri (Odisha) brought the idol of the deity to Puri and had it installed here. But Seorinarayana, in fact, referring to the name of the original place, remained unchanged.

Kharavela : The Great Philanthropic Emperor

The reign of Kharavela is a significant landmark in the history of Orissa. The caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri hills and the Hathigumpha inscriptions provide eloquent testimony to Kharavela's connectedness with Jainism. Among the followers of Mahavira, Kharavela stands out as the tallest name.

Date Line of Kharavela the Great

There is no concrete and sure evidence to show that there was actually a Nanda Rule in Kalinga other than that of Ashoka. This rule can not be connected with any type of contemporary relic as it can be done with Chandasoka who had left sacred monuments.

Nature of kalinga State at the time of Kalinga war

Author: Brajabandhu Mahanta, MAH A highly debatable question of Indian history is “Who is the king of kalinga at the time of Kalinga War”? In other words whether Kalinga a monarchical one or anything else? As we have lacking any historical source in this regard many scholar argue that at the time of kalinga war-… Continue reading Nature of kalinga State at the time of Kalinga war