Architecture of Sun Temple at Konark

The Sun temple at Konarka, popularly known as ‘Black Pagoda’ was the fullest manifestation of the Kalinga style of architecture. Architecturally, it was 148pecimen in stone. This monumental temple was constructed by Narasimhadeva I or Langula Narasimhadeva in the 13th century A.D. The legend goes on that 1200 Odishan artists took 12 years for the… Continue reading Architecture of Sun Temple at Konark

Architecture of Jagannath Temple or Shree Mandira

Among all the temples built during the Ganga period, the Jagannath temple at Puri deserves commendation. As stated earlier, Chodagangadeva might not have started the construction of that temple. He probably, extended the work of the Jagannath temple after 1147 A.D. and failed to complete it during his life time as the Dasgoba inscription states… Continue reading Architecture of Jagannath Temple or Shree Mandira

Architecture of Lingaraj Temple

Among all the temples of Odisha, the Lingaraja temple at Bhubaneswar deserves special mention. It bears architectural splendour and is regarded as one of the best archaeological monument of the east reflecting Kalinga type of architect; with all its perfection. It was constructed between 1025 and 1065 A.D. A gigantic structure of about 180 feet… Continue reading Architecture of Lingaraj Temple

Architecture of Rajarani Temple

The Rajarani temple (A.D. 1000-1022) in Bhubaneswar is a splendur in Odish-an architecture. Some historians think that its name was Indresvara or Indralingesvara as per the name its builder lndraratha, an illustrious somavamsi ruler. This temple has no presiding deity at present and it is famous as a temple having no deity. The Rajarani temple stands… Continue reading Architecture of Rajarani Temple

Architecture of Vaitala Temple

The Vaitala temple (c. A.D. 775) of Bhubaneswar in a typical temple architecture. It represents the perfact presentation of the Khakhara type of architecture. Although, it represents a ratha type but the finials consists of Amalaka and Ayudha. The plan of the temple is different. It stands on a lower platform. Scroll mouldings are found… Continue reading Architecture of Vaitala Temple

Architecture of Mukteswar Temple

The Muktesvara temple is a unique one in the field of Odishan temple architechure. It was so elegantly disigned that it became one of the most beautiful temples of India. The gate of the temple was well designed and its balance and design give it a grandoise look. The Vimana stands on a raised platform.… Continue reading Architecture of Mukteswar Temple