Ramachandra Deva II (1721-1736 A. D.)

With Ramachandradeva II, another turbulent phase began in the history of Bhoi dynasty. Immediately after his accession, he had to bear the brunt Nizam's invasion from Hyderabad. Ramachandradeva's territory extending between Tekkali, Raghunathpur and the Chilka lake came under the sway of the Nizam. At that crucial phase of his career,Ramachandradeva-I never lost his heart… Continue reading Ramachandra Deva II (1721-1736 A. D.)

Divyasinghadeva I (1688-1714 A.D.) and Others

Divyasinghadeva I, who succeeded his father in 1688 A.D. was one of the ablest rulers of the Bhoi dynasty. During his reign period, Ekram Khan had attacked the Jagannath temple at Puri and captured fake images of the Lords. However, after his departure, Divyasinghadeva, reinstalled the original images in the temple, opened Simhadvara and allowed… Continue reading Divyasinghadeva I (1688-1714 A.D.) and Others

Balabhadradeva (1648-1659 A.D.) and Mukundadeva I (1659-1688 A.D.)

The death of Narasimhadeva enabled Gangadharadeva, a nephew of the deceased king by┬áthe help of Mutquad Khan, the Governor of Odisha. This led to a great resentment among the subjects and some officials of the king. By taking their help, Balabhadradeva, the elder brother of Narasimhadeva, killed Gangadhara and ascended the throne in 1648 A.D.… Continue reading Balabhadradeva (1648-1659 A.D.) and Mukundadeva I (1659-1688 A.D.)

Purusottamadeva (1607-1622 A.D.) and Narasimhadeva (1622-1647 A.D.)

Purusottamadeva succeeded his father Ramachandradeva in 1607 A.D. His reign witnessed the vigorous Mughal atrocity over Odisha. During his reign, the Mughal emperor at Delhi was Jahangir who appointed Hasim Khan as the Subahdar of Odisha. He wanted to march towards Khurda and settle score with Purusottamadeva. One of his subordinates, named Raja Keso Das… Continue reading Purusottamadeva (1607-1622 A.D.) and Narasimhadeva (1622-1647 A.D.)

Ramachandradeva I (1568-1607 A.D.)

The accession of Ramachandradeva to the throne of Bhoi dynasty at Khurda marks a glorious epoch for that dynasty. Who is Ramachandradeva ? As stated earlier, Danai Vidyadhara was taken captive by Mukundadeva at Puri. Having heard this news, his son Ramai Routaray wanted to march towards Puri but was confined at the fort of… Continue reading Ramachandradeva I (1568-1607 A.D.)

Govinda Vidyadhara and Others

With the death of Prataparudradeva, the political scenario of Odisha became turbulent. Treachery, confusion and bloodshed became the order of the day. Gajapati Prataparudradeva had left behind no strong successor to uphold the banner of Gajapati imperialism. Cowed down by selfish rivalry in politics among the feudatories, with impending threat of Muslim invasion and economic… Continue reading Govinda Vidyadhara and Others