The King’s Doubt !

The king of Mangalapuri had a strange doubt. Does man really need education? As he sat in his court, he sought an explanation from everybody. The Royal pundit said, education would fetch a high status and thereby enable the person to acquire a lot of wealth. The Chief Minister was of the view that one… Continue reading The King’s Doubt !

Why He Worked Hard?

A poor man sat on the pavement repairing the umbrellas of passers-by. He did his work thoroughly, with great devotion. Another man who was relaxing, leaning against a wall and watching him, asked him, "Why don't you work faster?" "If I work faster, the work would not be as good as it ought to be,"… Continue reading Why He Worked Hard?


Krishna and Govinda were friends, residing in Rampur village. One day, they set out for the weekly market some ten miles away. They had hardly stepped out of their colony when they saw the milkman coming from the opposite direction. He had a pot of milk in his hand. "Ah! that's a good omen," remarked… Continue reading Superstition

Who was Wrong?

Sivananda was a learned man of Sivapuri. Several poets of the place used to send him their compositions for his opinion. The promising ones always received praise and encouragement from his. Poet laureate Achuthananda, however, had only scorn for them. He went about claiming that he was the only learned man in the kingdom. Whenever… Continue reading Who was Wrong?


Ramaiah had blind belief on omens; he would wait for an auspicious time to set out from home, or attend to important work. One day, he left home on business. He had not walked ten paces before he heard someone sneezing. He took it to be a bad omen and started walking back home. Just… Continue reading Omen

No One the Loser

A man walked along the road carrying a basket on his head. He was looking at the shops to decide where he would sell his ware. As he was careless, he tripped and fell down. All that was in the basket, too, fell down and lay shattered. They were glass tumblers and bowls. "Poor man!" the bystanders… Continue reading No One the Loser