Akshyarasila: Where the stone speaks!

Inscription in Pali language at Akshyarasila

Akshyarasila village under Balanda village panchayat is about five km from Bahadaposhi junction in Barkot block of Deogarh district. There is a legendary or historical opinion on the naming of this literal village. According to historical records, as the village was on the banks of the Brahmani river, Buddhist monks used to travel from Nalanda to Ratnagiri using this route. They were resting near a rock when they arrived. Knowing that the rock had some supernatural power, he engraved some inscriptions on the rock in Pali.

Inscription in Pali

Later the king of the then Bamanda fort, Shri Basudev Sudhul Dev, found the rock while he was surrounded and called a man named Sansar Pradhan from the village of Gugua in the remote Banei fort to settle in the village. According to the inscription, the village was named Akshyarasila.

There are scattered rocks in the middle of the village, which are animal, aquatic, reptile, and human in form. The ancestors of the village believe that some merchants and sorcerers spent the night in this place but they have been turned to stone by the curse of any deity.

Animal form in Stone

According to Hemanta Pradhan, a teacher from this village- if the state archaeological department looked at it and examined the rocks, it would have known exactly how old they are? In addition, people in the state and Deogarh districts may be aware of the fact that there is a Buddhist monument here, as well as tourist attractions.

Report by: Bibekananda Sahu
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Bibekananda Sahu

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