Sources of Ancient History of Odisha

History writing is not possible without sources because as it plays an important role. History without sources is not history rather it may be considered as a part of literature or anything else. The historical sources provide us the scientific and rational base for writing history. There are many gaps between different periods of ancient Odishan history. with the availability of new source materials, old ideas have been changed and history has been reconstructed with the new facts. Similarly, many missing links have been established in Odishan history due to the discovery of new source materials. Therefore, sources represent the heart and soul of all kinds of history of any state.

The history of Odisha is based on various available sources. There are several sources like Literary Sources, Foreign Accounts, Inscriptions, Coins, Material Remains, Madala Panji etc, which helps us in writing the history of Odisha, which can be discussed as follows:

1. Literary Sources
2. Foreign Accounts
3. Inscriptions
4. Coins
5. Archaeological Findings
6. Madala Panji

The above sources help a lot in the reconstruction of the history of Odisha. We have ample sources to write the history of Odisha. The history of Odisha will be enriched with the discovery of new inscriptions, coins and archaeological remains etc and the history of Odisha will find a new dimension.