Dynastic History of The Sailodbhavas

Dharmaraja I Ranabhita(553-575 A. D.) Dharmaraja I, also known as Ranabhita, was the first known historical ruler of the Sailodbhaba dynasty, according to the Sumandala charter dated Gupta era 250 (570 A.D.). He was not an independent ruler, but rather a feudatory of Prithivivigraha of Kalinga, the Vigraha ruler. It is clear that by the …

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Origin and development of the Cult of Jagannath

The cult of Jagannath is stated to be of tribal origin. It is difficult to determine whether this tribal origin of God Jagannath is pre-Vedic or not. As per the depiction of Sarala’s Mahabharata, God Krishna, killed by the arrow of Jara Savara, was not burnt in wood fully after his death. As per the order of the divine voice, Arjuna and Jara threw the half-burnt body into the sea and that body was, later on, worshipped by Jara in the Dhauli hill at Bhubaneswar.

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