Balabhadradeva (1648-1659 A.D.) and Mukundadeva I (1659-1688 A.D.)

Representation Only

The death of Narasimhadeva enabled Gangadharadeva, a nephew of the deceased king by the help of Mutquad Khan, the Governor of Odisha. This led to a great resentment among the subjects and some officials of the king. By taking their help, Balabhadradeva, the elder brother of Narasimhadeva, killed Gangadhara and ascended the throne in 1648 A.D. During his reign period, he had to fight with the Mughals. It was only because when Turbiyat Khan was the Deputy to rule Odisha on behalf of the Mugtial. Mirza Balaki attacked the fort of Andhari.

Raipitam, who was incharge of that fort appointed by Balabhadradeva, was defeated and fled away from the fort. His family members were captured. At this juncture, Balabhadradeva fought with the Muslims and freed the family of Raipitam from their clutches. However, the Mughals occupied Andhari fort. The reign period of Balabhadradeva was inglorious. He is known to have established the Vira Balabhadrapura Shasana near Puri.

With the death of Balabhadradeva, his son Mukundadeva I succeeded him to the throne of Khurda in 1659 A.D. As he was a minor, Dharmadeva Rajaguru carried on the administration of the kingdom on behalf of Mukundadeva. Taking the fatricidal war among the sons of Shah Jahan, Dharmadeva Rajaguru organised the zamindars of the kingdom and did not pay any tribute to the Mughals. With the victory of Aurangzeb, Khan-i-Dauran was sent to deal with the Odishan zamindars and the king of Khurda. He killed many recalcitrant zamindars and proceeded towards Khurda. He defeated Mukundadeva in 1661 and offered the Kingdom of Khurda to Bhramarabara, the younger brother of Mukundadeva. However, Mukundadeva negotiated with Khan-i-Dauran to get back his kingdom and for materialising this, he sent Dharmadeva Rajaguru to deal with the matter. Khan-i-Dauran was convinced the Mukundadeva got back his throne. After his coronation was over, he imprisoned Bhramarabara Raya.

During the Subahdarship of Sayasta Khan, the maternal uncle of Aurangzeb, Mukundadeva faced problems from the side of the Mughals. Abu Nasir, one of the sons of Sayasta Khan marched to Jajpur and Jhankada and broke the temples, establishing mosques nearby. On his way to Puri, at Sakshigopal, he halted. His plan to attack the Jagannath temple at Puri was not materialised, because the MadalaPanji informs that there was sudden thunderboltduring spring season at Sakshigopal and Abu Nasir returned to Cuttack out of fear after negotiating with Mukundadeva. The career of Mukundadeva came to an end in 1688 when he breathed his last affected by the small-pox.