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Decline of the Sailodbhavas

Dharmaraja II was succeeded by his son Madhyamaraja II as is known from Tekkali Charter of Madhyamaraja III, the last known ruler of the dynasty. Madhyamaraja II was a young ruler and brave warrior. Perhaps, after his death, Sailodbhavas were driven away from Kongoda by the Bhaumakaras of Tosali around 736 A.D. Allaparaja, who succeeded Madhyamaraja, was sheltered by the Gangas of Kalinga. He ruled over Tekkali region as a feudatory of the Gangas.

He was succeeded by grandson Madhyamaraja III, because his own Tailapa met premature death. After Madhyamaraja II, no information is gathered regarding the Sailodbhavas. Whatever the fact may be, the Sailodbhavas ruled over Kongoda nearly about 200 years. During their period, Brahmanism arose as a great religion over Kongoda. The dynasty faced great upheavels from external enemies and withstood those aggressions. At last, the Bhauma-Karas brought ecllipse to the Sailodbhava dynasty.

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