Different Names of Lord jagannatha

“Jagannath” is a compound word, consisting of “Jagan” and “Nath”. The word nath means “Master, Lord” (nātha) while jagan or “jagat means the “universe”. Thus, Jagannath means “lord of the universe”.

In the Odia language, “Jagannath” is linked to other names, such as “Jagā” (ଜଗା) or “Jagabandhu” (ଜଗବନ୍ଧୁ) (“Friend of the Universe”). Both names derive from “Jagannath”. Further, on the basis of the physical appearance of the deity, names like “Kālya” (କାଳିଆ) (“The Black-coloured Lord”, but which can also mean “the Timely One”), “Darubrahman” (ଦାରୁବ୍ରହ୍ମ) (“The Sacred Wood-Riddle”), “Dāruēdabatā” (ଦାରୁ ଦେବତା “The wooden god”), Chakāākhi (ଚକା ଆଖି) or “Chakānayan” (ଚକା ନୟନ “With round eyes”), “Cakāḍōḷā” (ଚକା ଡୋଳା “with round pupils”) are also in vogue.

According to Dina Krishna Joshi, the word may have origins in the tribal word Kittung of the Sora people (Savaras). This hypothesis states that the Vedic people as they settled into tribal regions adopted the tribal words and called the deity Jagannath.[20] According to O.M. Starza, this is unlikely because Kittung is phonetically unrelated, and the Kittung tribal deity is produced from burnt wood and looks very different from Jagannath.

According to the Official page of Shree Jagannath Swain Mohapatra (Jaguni Dada) Lord Jagannatha has 16 popular names as follows:
1. Chakaakhi: Chakaakhi means round eyes
2. Chakadola: The round lid-less eyes (It symbolize the Lord in overactive and vigilant)
3. Chakanayana Chakanayana means round eyes
4. Darubrahma Darubrahma means the wooden (Daru) image containing the supreme soul (the Brahma).
5. Devadhideva: The Lord of Lords
6. Jagadish: The king of universe
7. Jagatadhisha: The king of universe
8. Jagannath: The God of the Universe
9. Kala Thakura: The black coloured God
10. Mahaabaahu: Big handed (It symbolize the Lord is actively helps to all)
11. Neeladrivihari Neelamadhab (Jagannath was worshipped as ‘Neelamadhab’ by an aboriginal tribe chief)
12. Nilachalia: Live in Nilachala
13. Padmalochana: ‘Padma’ means Lotus and ‘Lochana’ means Eye
14. Patitapabana: Who bless the Universe
15. Purusottama: The Supreme Man
16. Rajadhiraj: The king of kings

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About Shree Jagannath Swain Mohapatra
Shree Jagannath Swain Mohapatra is the chief servitor of Lord Jagannath at the Puri Temple, located in Odishaa, India. The humble 61 year old is also the person incharge of the Nabakalebar ritual in 2015 and the Rath Yatra that is held every year.
The ever smiling Shree Jagannath Swain Mohapatra is also known fondly as Jaguni Dada.