Disintegration of Odisha After Suryavamsis

Story of a tragedy period for history of Odisha. Odisha the land of scenic beauty and charm, adobe of simplicity and a Hindu cultural saga had disintegrated in 1568 AD into several regional kingdoms. Without a central administration the local units come into prominence.

The Bhanjas of Ghumsur, Kendujhar and Mayurbhanj, the Bhois of Khurda and the Chauhanas of Sambalpur gradually assumed prominence in the political arena of Odisha. The sway of either the Mughals or the Marathas failed to restore the political unity of Odisha.

later in the first half of 1800s the British East India Company came to the front and conquered Odisha in a peacemeal manner. First, the Southern Part, then the coastal region and finally the Sambalpur and adjoining regions. Due to the nature of fragmented conquest the British could not able to administer Odisha as a unites and separate Province. So, for better administration they, tagged southern part with Madras Presidency, the coastal region with Bengal Presidency and the Western part with the Central Provinces.

It is the story of disintegration of Odisha. And from this point it took almost 200 years to reunite Odisha under a single unit.

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