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Kalinga After Mahabharata War

During Mahabharata war the Kalinga king Srutayu died along with his two sons. The Kalinga army was completely destroyed. But the fate of Kalinga was not destroyed and soon under a new Kshatriya dynasty, it made a serious attempt to bring back its lost prosperity. According to Puranas as many as thirty-two kings of this dynasty ruled Kalinga up to the time of Mahapadma Nanda of Nanda dynasty of Magadha in 326 BC. We have very littele information about these kings but still we found information about few prominent kings in scattered viz. Sattabhu, Nalikira and Karakandu, as follows:

Kalinga After Mahabharata War


According to Mahagovinda Suttanta, the glory and power of Kalinga was restored within a short period of time after the Mahabharata war by the king Sattabhu, who was a contemporary of king Renu of Mithila and king Dhritarashtra of Kasi [1]. Under him Kalinga became a front runner state in India. King Dhritarashtra of Kasi was a contemporary of the Kuru king Satanika, the grandson of Parikshita and son of Janmeyaya. His date has been assigned to the first quarter of the 8th century BC. Therefore king Sattabhu of Kalinga may be assigned to the same period. The capital of Sattabhu was located at Dantapura. Dantapura was a flourishing coastal center of trade and culture[2].

After Sattabhu, during the rule of Nalikira, Kalinga suffered a set back [3]. But again Kaling revived its glory under the Karakandu.


Karakandu was the great Jaina king of Kalinga. He ruled Kalinga during the second half of the 8th century BC. He was contemporary of Durmukha– king of Panchala, Nagnajit– king of Gandhara and Nimmi– king of Videha. All these mentioned kings along with king Karakandu were followers of the Parsvanatha [4]. Karakandu was a great pattron of Jainism. He often described as Rajarshi in Jaina literature and as Pratyeka Buddha in early Buddhist literature

1. We have been found informationa about king Renu of Mithila and King Dhritarashtra of Kasi from Satapatha Brahmana.
2. We may identify Dantapura with the modern Puri.
3. Nalikira is mentioned in the old Gatha portion of the Jataka (Buddhist literature)
4. Parsvanatha was the second Jaina Tirthankara who attained Moksha in 717BC