History of Odisha

A Comprehensive Compendium of History, Culture, Lifestyle and Tourism of Odisha

Modern Odisha

A. British Conquest of Odisha
1. Causes for the British Conquest of Odisha
2. Capture of Ganjam
3. Capture of Puri
4. Capture of Cuttack
5. Capture of Baleswar
6. Capture of Sambalpur
7. British Administration of Odisha

B. Rebellion and Resistance Movements
1. Khurda Rebellion (1804-05 AD)
2. Khurda Rebellion (1817 AD)
3. Revolt 1857: Resistance Movement under Surendra Sai

C. Tribal Revolts in Oddisha
1. Ghumsar Rising under Dara Bisoi
2. Kandha Rising under Chakra Bisoi
3. Bhuyan Rising Under Ratna Naik
4. Bhuyan rising Under Dharani Dhar Naik.

D. National Movements in Odisha:
1. Swadeshi Movement in Odisha
2. The Non-cooperation Movement in Odisha
3. The Civil Disobedience Movement in Odisha
4. The Quit India Movement in Odisha

E. Odia Movement
1. Understanding Odia Movement
2. Growth of socio-political Associations and Growth of Public Associations in 19th Century Odisha
3. Role of Utkala Sammilani in Odia Movement

F. Creation of Separate Province or Modern State of Odisha
1. Creation of Separate Province of Odisha an Introduction
2. The problems of the division of Odisha
3. Story of Creation of a Separate Province or Modern State of Odisha

G. Princely States and their Merger with Odisha State
1. British relation with Princely States of Odisha
2. The Prajamandal Movement
3. Merger of the Princely States of Odisha

H. Education and Press in Odisha
1. Growth of Modern Education in Odisha
2. Growth of Press and Journalism in Odisha

I. Famine 1866 or Na-Anka Durbhiksha

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