No One the Loser

A man walked along the road carrying a basket on his head. He was looking at the shops to decide where he would sell his ware. As he was careless, he tripped and fell down. All that was in the basket, too, fell down and lay shattered. They were glass tumblers and bowls. “Poor man!” the bystanders and passers-by pitied him.

One of them came forward. “His master will surely make good the loss by cutting his salary. Let me help his by giving him my mite,” he remarked. He then gave the man a rupee.

Many other followed the suit and contributed whatever they could spare. Some gave him a rupee, or more than a rupee, or even small change. The man gratefully collected all that. “That’s good,”a bystander remarked. “You can now go and buy some tumblers and bowls. You wouldn’t suffer any loss. By the way, who’s your master?” he asked curiously.

“Didn’t see someone giving me a rupee first?” the man replied. “He’s my master. He didn’t lose anything by giving me a rupee; and I too haven’t lost anything”

Credit: Chandamama- January 1995

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