Odisha Under Akbar

The protracted conflict between the Afghans and Mughals was brought to an end in 1593 A.D. by Man Singh, one of Akbar’s most capable generals. This resulted in the Afghans’ complete subjugation. Naturally, Akbar had already taken steps to establish Mughal administration in Odisha.

Raja Todarmal had arranged for a peaceful administration in Odisha following the death of Daud Karrani. Akbar’s will resulted in the establishment of peace with Ramachandradeva. Man Singh recognised him as the legitimate successors of the Odisha Gajapatis. As a result of this recognition, Ramachandradeva’s position was asserted on Odishan soil, where he assumed the title ‘Gajapati’. Man Singh also satisfied two of Mukundadeva’s sons diplomatically by giving them the zamindari of Aul and Patia, as previously stated. Raja Man Singh’s active intervention restored normalcy to this land. In Odisha, he implemented Todarmal’s revenue system. During Akbar’s reign, there was no intervention in the temple administration of Puri. Odisha was an integral part of Bengal Suba and was ruled from Bengal’s capital.

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