Ramaiah had blind belief on omens; he would wait for an auspicious time to set out from home, or attend to important work. One day, he left home on business. He had not walked ten paces before he heard someone sneezing. He took it to be a bad omen and started walking back home.

Just then he saw his neighbour Krishna Sastri hurriedly coming down the road. He knew that Sastri, too, believed in omens. He wondered why Sastri had started from home in utter disregard of a bad omen-the sneezing. If it was not something bad for Sastri, why should he be affected by it? thought Ramaiah. So, he decided to contunue his journey, instead of returning home.

Ramaiah mission was success. So after all, it had not been a bad omen at all; he heaved a sigh of relief. When he met Krishna Sastri, he asked his: “The other day, you had come out unmindful of the sneezing. So, I too went about my work; and I came back satisfied.”

“What should I say, my friend?” Sastri looked crestfallen. “A street dog had entered my house and I was chasing it away,” he explained. “Do you think I would have otherwise came out after hearing the sneeze?It was a bad day for me, because”

Credit: Chandamama- January 1995

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