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Origin of The Saildbhavas

The origin of the Sailodbhavas is shrouded in mystery. The Sailodbhava inscriptions state that once upon a time when anarchy prevailed over Kalinga, an aboriginal chief named Pulindasena worshipped Lord Brahma (Svayambhu) to save the country by providing it with a strong ruler. The Lord was pleased and created an able-bodied person named Sailodbhava, who became the founder of the dynasty. The name Sailodbhava literary means ‘born out of rocks’. Coming to the historical analysis of the origin of the Sailodbhavas, scholars opine that Sailodhbavas were either a branch of the Ganga family or Saila dynasty of Madhya Pradesh. Both these opinions do not seem plausible. Pulindasena may be regarded as the chieftain of the Pulindas. The Pulindas may be identified with Kulindas of the Rock Edict XIII of Asoka who were a tribe of the Atavika Rajya which was a part of Kalinga and was not conquered by Asoka. Varahamihira’s Brihat Samhita is a pointer in this direction because he associates the Pulindas with the Sailajas inhabiting the rocky region of Kalinga. Perhaps, Pulindasena was instrumental in helping Sailodbhava of the Sailaja tribe in establishing the dynasty after his name and the territory, over which its rulers ruled, was known as Kongoda mandala. Abhaya of the Sumandala plate, whose descendent was Dharmaraja, may be identified with Sailodbhava, the founder of the dynasty. The genealogy of the Saliodbhavas is as follows.

Genealogical Table of the Sailodbhavas

Madhavaraja I Sainyabhita I

Chharamparaja Ayasobhita I

Madhavaraja II Sainyabhita II (Madhavavarman)

Madhyamaraja I Ayasobhita II

Dharmaraja II Sri Manabhita

Madhyamaraja II

Ailaparaja Yuvaraja Tailapa

Madhyamaraja III

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