Krishna and Govinda were friends, residing in Rampur village. One day, they set out for the weekly market some ten miles away. They had hardly stepped out of their colony when they saw the milkman coming from the opposite direction. He had a pot of milk in his hand. “Ah! that’s a good omen,” remarked Krishna.

Govinda had no belief in superstitions. “There’s nothing like a good omen or bad. Whatever is to be happen will happen, that’s all,” he cut short Govinda. They proceeded on their way, and reached the market-place by and by.

They found preparations afoot for meeting. They were told that an important person was speak there. They joined the crowd. Soon, the speaker arrived. By s strange coincidence, his speech was mostly about superstition and omens! He was listened to with rapt attention. “That was a good speech!” commented Govinda, echoing the general praise.

“Didn’t I tell you that the milkman with the post of milk was a good omen? See! We could listen to good speech,” responded Krishna.

Credit: Chandamama February 1992