Anglo-Maratha Conflicts in Odisha

The decline of Mughal Empire led to the rise of many small powers like the Marathas to declare themselves as independent powers. Some of them also started establishing themselves as important power in the political horizon of India by subduing the some states of India including Odisha either through war or diplomacy. In meanwhile, the …

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Maratha Administration in Odisha

Throughout the Maratha and Mughal periods, Garjat states paid tribute to the Raja of Nagpur. The Marathas ruled the remainder of Odisha, namely the coastal plain areas from Suvarnarekha in the north to Chilika in the south, popularly known as Moghulbandi. In Odisha, the Maratha administration was a carbon copy of the Mughal. They desired …

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Maratha occupation of Odisha

With the decline of the Mughal administration in India, the Bengali Nizams expanded their control over Odisha. On the other hand, the Marathas grew in strength and desired to assert their dominance throughout the country. The Bhonsles of Nagpur under Raghuji redirected the Marathas’ policy toward Odisha, directly causing a schism with Alivardi Khan, Bengal’s …

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