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The King’s Doubt !

The king of Mangalapuri had a strange doubt. Does man really need education? As he sat in his court, he sought an explanation from everybody.

The Royal pundit said, education would fetch a high status and thereby enable the person to acquire a lot of wealth. The Chief Minister was of the view that one could earn a name and fame by pursuing education. The court poet opined that an educated person would command respect from everybody. The official priest said education would make everybody pious and peace-loving.

Some-how, the king was not satisfied with any of these explanations. In fact, one look at his face told everybody that he was even angry. It was then that the court jester rose from his seat. “O king, I know the correct explanation, but you might get angry with me if I were to spell it out!”

“Don’t be afraid,” the king assured him. “Whatever you know, please tell me. I won’t be angry with you,” he prompted the jester.

“You need education so that you would not have doubts like this!” the jester gave his answer. “Also, you would not torment others with such unnecessary, nonsensical questions!”

These was a loud laughter from all corners of the court. The king took an extra minute to grasp the point made by the jester, but soon laughed along with the others.

Credit: Chandamama March 1992

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