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Tools of Early Iron Age found at Jalalpur Village of Cuttack

Odisha History(13-03-2014): Archaeological Survey of India has been excavated implements of early iron age  at Jalalpur village of Cuttack in Odisha.

The discovery includes faunal remains, carbonised grains and stone and bone tools of early iron age to prehistoric period. Circular wall, semi-circular wall, crescent shape wall and mud platforms of different size and shape have also been discovered.

Credit: Biswa Ranjan Rout

According to officials responsible for excavation Yellow and dark grey colour soil noticed during the excavation signifies the rural settlement flourished in different eras.

The ASI has now proposed to involve scientists from Institute of Physics in Bhubaneswar and reputed geologists to study the tools. Recently, teeth of three types of sharks, stone tools were unearthed from the site.

Among the artefacts retrieved from the site include red ware, red slipped ware, grey and black wares, pots of different shapes, bowls, bowl-on-stand, ring based bowls, miniature pots, storage jars, pots .

Similarly, important antiquities retrieved from the site are polished stone axes and adzes, bone points, terracotta sling balls, terracotta wheel, beads of carnelian, and sand stone, hopscotch, barbed bone point, bone drill, bone arrow-head, bone spear-head, stylus and needle made of antler, bone borer cum side scraper and bone spatula.

Meanwhile, a team from the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), led by the State Convener A. B. Tripathy visited the excavation site in the Prachi Valley being done by ASI. They said the ASI excavation would throw more light on the old civilisation.

Credit: History of Odisha Bureau
Inputs from: The Hindu
Image Credit: Biswa Ranjan Rout